My Spiritual Beginnings

On a personal note as the author of this blog, I’ve been going through a long spiritual awakening. I’ve been doing reading when I can on different esoteric based religions, and searching for better ways to interpret what I am going through. I have to admit that my awakening started in the midst of a negative event in my life, which has been the sole driving point for me to reach out and learn what I can about what I believe in.

I have been really open on others view of the spiritual journey, or what they interpret for themselves. I’ve been very fascinated with the Psychic, and have had many different readings done by members of several groups I am part of in on Facebook. Let me tell you that many of them have been absolutely spot on with their readings, and have been guidance I’ve needed in many parts of my life at the present moment.

Feeling stuck in life has been a common ailment this year and last, I’ve come so far to know that I’ve been really out of touch with the universe on a spiritual level as so I was told. The reader wasn’t wrong, I had lost who I was and what I believed in through the many trails I faced. I find myself fighting constant battles in my mind, unable to make final decisions on anything. Some would say Libras are very indecisive, I’d have to agree when it comes to major things in my life. On top of all of the crazy, I’ve learned that I am a clairsentient empath.

Now that I’ve just been taking the road less traveled and making decisions that scare me, I’ve been on an amazing adventure. I have been in transition into a better person, a better and new me. I am finally deciding what I want in my life, and putting others second to myself. My spiritual and physical health has been my main focus for the 2019 year, with a few setbacks I am finally making progress.

What I want to impart to you, my readers; Don’t take life for granted. Step outside of your comfort zone and do something you never thought you would attempt in your lifetime. Find yourself again, love and feel compassion for the smallest of things. Be grateful for what you’ve accomplished, and remember even if you don’t feel like you’re making progress in your journey, reflect on what you’ve been through. You’d be surprised how far you’ve really came.

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  1. The path to spiritual awakening and enlightenment is often a painful one, but it has so much meaning and purpose. I have heard there are seven stages which I have written about on my blog and have identified with at different times. It is very interesting to say the least.


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