Rare Black Moon

You’ve heard it right! July 31st will mark the rare occurrence of the black moon, a celestial event that happens every 32 months. This is the second occurrence of a new moon in a month, which rarely happens outside of leap years. The last time a Black Moon was seen in North America was in 2016, and July 31st, North America will get to see it. The rest of the world will have its chance to see the Black Moon on August 30th, so don’t sweat it if you don’t live in North America. In addition to the Black Moon, this moon will also be a Super Moon. Meaning this moon is happening at its closest point of orbit of the Earth.

With the Black Moon happening closely to the beginning of a new month, and so close to the earth the tides of the ocean are greatly affected by the vibrations of this moon. And yes! so are we!

“The Black Super New Moon also brings the start of a new lunar cycle, and this new cycle comes after a series of very potent and transformative Eclipses. ” (Tanaaz 2019)

It is said that in many ways the start of a new cycle can encourage us to settle into the new wounds, transformations and changes that we begun in July. If the eclipses have stirred up things or brought new changes in your life, this will give you the chance to start figuring out all these new beginnings. Next you will want to figure out what it is you are to do next with what has been manifested from the eclipses.

“New Moons have the potential to draw things to us which is why they are a great time to set intentions, but with all this new energy floating around and the effects of Mercury Retrograde, we may have to sit with ourselves first before we can know which intention is best for us.” (Tanaaz 2019)

Some of us may rush into these new changes, forgetting to meditate over what we should do next. How you interpret these intentions is up to you, to take it slow and manifest the right direction to take. Remember being patient, take deep breathes and meditate on each path.

On another note, look to your news stations for articles on the significance of the Black Moon.

Here is a fun Astrological article I quoted: https://foreverconscious.com/intuitive-astrology-black-super-new-moon-july-august-2019

Love and Light to All!

Blessed Be!



Tanaaz. “Intuitive Astrology: Black Super New Moon July-August 2019.” Forever Conscious, 29 July 2019, foreverconscious.com/intuitive-astrology-black-super-new-moon-july-august-2019.

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