Calcite, the Stabilizing Stone.

Lets be honest here, there are many types of calcite that can aid in the alleviation of anxiety and stress. The great thing about calcite is that it’s a pretty common stone, which means you could probably find it in many excavated quarries.

The thing about Calcite is that it’s known to be a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. This stone can be used to alleviate emotional stress, which is often tied in with high anxiety.

Calcite cleans and re-energizes the chakras, making it good to be worn as a pendant.

Getting a bit more specific, lets touch in on some of the kinds of calcite.

Blue Calcite


Blue calcite is known as the gentle stone, with rejuvenation and relaxation. Lowering blood pressure and dissolving pain of all kinds, this is the perfect stone for lifting anxieties.

Green Calcite


The mental healer, green calcite restores balance to the mind.

Orange Calcite


Orange calcite balances the emotions, removing fear and battles depression.

Rhomboid Calcite


Rhomboid calcite helps by closing off the mind chatter, bringing on mental stillness.

These are some of the many types of the calcite, but more specifically the ones that are good for relieving stress and anxiety for the holiday season.

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