Crystal Cleansing

Before I mentioned that crystals need to be cleansed every so often, as they are used they have a way to pull all the negative energy from your body into them. Over time they need to be cleansed, re-energized if you will. There are many different ways in which you can cleanse the crystals, and then they’re others which never need to be cleansed.

One easy way of cleansing your crystals are simply rinsing them under running water or immersed in sea water. While you do this, you must imagine all the negative energy washing away as the crystal becomes re-energized. Another way is to set those crystals out in the sun or moonlight for a couple of hours but being mindful of stones that may fade in sunlight or refract the light in a way where it could start a fire. I prefer to set my crystals out in the moonlight of a full moon, even smudge them with sage.

You can also use crystals to cleanse other crystals, such as Carnelian in a bag of tumbled stones or resting them on top of a cluster of Quartz Crystals. I’ve found that you can use Selenite as well to charge your crystals but be mindful of how delicate the stone is and water soluble it is.

Crystals that are self-cleansing are Citrine, Kyanite and Azeztulite, while clear Quartz and Carnelian can cleanse other stones, yet will need to be cleansed themselves. Note that any jewelry you receive from others that have been worn should be immediately cleansed before you wear them yourself, as their negative energies can be transferred from the stone into yourself.

When choosing a crystal, it is important that after you cleanse that stone that you program the stone. What I mean by programming it, is to hold it in your hands and focus on the stone. Picturing light surrounding the stone, you focus your energy into the stone imagining the sole purpose the stone is to fulfill. For example, say you are seeking healing, say for precisely for which condition and what you want to happen. It is important that you know exactly which crystal to use for what the main purpose you have in mind for.

Just remember that when you’re not using the stones, to have them carefully wrapped in velvet or in a small pouch if they’re tumbled stones.

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