Why Crystals?

One would wonder why Crystals of all things would be used for healing, as many people don’t see them for what they can do, but for the beauty they contain. For the untrained, Crystals have been used for a millennium to heal and bring a balance to those who use them. As previously explained, Crystals work through their resonance and vibration.

Crystals used by the well trained can heal many different ailments and are effective in first-aid remedies. Many gems can be used to create gem essences that can be ingested to aid in the healing of ailments. Take in mind the caution that experienced crystal healers should create these essences, as there are many gems that are quite toxic and should only be used externally.

Many crystals contain minerals such as copper for example, which is known to reduce swelling and inflammation. Malachite for example has a high concentration of copper, when worn can aid in aching joints and muscles. When wearing a malachite bracelet, it can allow the body to absorb the copper mineral the stone carries.

When choosing the right stone for the healing, I suggest heavy research in what stone to use and the proper way of its use.

In modern use, Crystals are used to though light and sound in ultrasound which can cauterize wounds and blast tumors apart without invasive procedures. Ancient healers also knew about the use of light and sound through crystals, as others are energizing and calming. Crystals can both sedate an overactive organ and stimulate a sluggish one.

Crystals can heal quickly, while others work much slower. Some can help you deal with pain, which can be a signal that there is an energy blockage in the body. With the right stone, you can can clear the blockage. Crystals heal holistically. That is to say, they work on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of being (Hall, 2009.)

Crystals realign subtle energies, getting down to the root cause. Working through vibration, they re-balance the bio-magnetic sheath that surrounds the physical body and the linkage to the chakras.


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