What Are Crystals?

What is Crystal Healing exactly? One may ask this question, not truly knowing much about the subject itself. Well I hope to give you those answers and stoke that new age spiritual healer inside you to give it a try! My first step is introducing the term Crystals.

What are Crystals? Some people think they are just beautiful rocks that are formed deep with in the earth, which are often sold to make jewelry and are known more as Gems. Crystals are so much more than just gems to wear, they go much deeper than that!

Crystals were created as the earth formed, each of them has a solid body with a geometrically regular shape. As the earth has continued to be shaped, the crystals have continued to metamorphose as the planet has changed. Some think of crystals as the earth’s DNA, a chemical imprint for evolution (Hall, 2009.) The amazing things about crystals is that they’ve been formed by enormous pressure, in caverns deep in the earth, laid in layers of earth and others dripped to life.

Based on the impurities, radiation, earth and solar emissions, and the exact means of the crystal’s formation, each type of crystal has its own specific internal structure that can be seen under a microscope no matter the size the crystal takes.

The crazy thing about how they’re all formed affect the properties and the way they function. Crystals have an amazing way of absorbing, conserving energy, they can focus and emit that energy especially on an electromagnetic waveband. What I am saying is that each crystal has its own way of vibrating, and those vibrations can be used to heal among other uses.

Crystals have so many different uses:

  • Protection
  • Attraction
  • Semiprecious Stones (Gems)
  • Healing


Cited Sources:
Hall, J. (2009). The crystal bible. London: Godsfield Press.

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  1. Whenever I look at crystals they attract me a lot with their beautiful shapes and colors. But I always wonder what are they made up of? You have described it so marvelously here. It is so surprising and interesting too that they came into being with the formation of earth. I absolutely love to buy different crystals and really find them important in combating negativity. I completely agree with the 4 uses you have talked about. I recently bought Aquamarine crystal in the form of a pendant from Ayana Wellness and I feel that it really protects me from impurities. But I must say crystals truly modify life by abolishing negative energy.


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